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Gantt charts

Stay on top of deadlines with dynamic timelines. Easily schedule tasks, manage deadlines, and track project progress with the Gantt chart feature. Customize your workflow.

Gain a comprehensive overview of all your projects with Gantt charts. Centralize your project management in one place, providing a global view of spaces, projects, lists, and tasks. Use clear color options to easily identify work in progress and project status. Simplify your workflow by clearly visualizing your progress and stay informed in the blink of an eye.

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Dashboard Click Up

Dashboards to manage any type of work

Effectively allocate resources by organizing them into a dashboard for easy visualization. Quickly identify people and resources that are being used efficiently or inefficiently, and generate progress reports over time.

Plan, visualize, track, and evaluate quarterly goals through completed tasks, time logged on projects and workflows. Organize all aspects of your business with a customizable control center, choose from over 50 widgets to build your perfect Dashboard.

The complete platform for operations

Boost your organization's efficiency by 80% with ClickUp. Eliminate silos and unify tools for enhanced collaboration, ensuring seamless operations across all teams.

  • Centralized knowledge and work management.
  • Reduce tool clutter and context switching.
  • Automate workflows for maximum efficiency.
  • Build and scale operations for growth.
  • Empower operations with Artificial Intelligence.
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Desenvolva Fluxos De Trabalho Para Qualquer Equipa

Develop workflows for any team

Craft effortless workflows with ClickUp's flexible, no-code tools. Build custom solutions tailored to each team's needs, featuring custom fields, sprint points, milestones, dependencies, and more. Simplify complex tasks. Plan, organize, and collaborate on any company goal with a powerful task management system that can be customized for every need and at every level.

Stay on top of things with quick and easy Reminders

Never miss a beat with Reminders that you can manage from your computer or mobile devices. Add attachments, set dates, schedule recurring reminders, or delegate them to your team - staying informed has never been easier. 

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