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Collaboration & Project Management

Welcome to the most powerful collaborative tool. Organize projects and workflows visually through Kanban boards with assigned tasks, statuses, and numerous automations.

Transform your IT service management for the future

Kanban Boards provide a highly visual and unique experience. They are the starting point for more effective collaboration, allowing for intuitive and customized project and department management. Have a dynamic and organized workspace, tailored to your needs, to boost your team's productivity.

Multiple Styles of Visualization

Various viewing styles to optimize how you plan and organize work. Explore options such as the Kanban board for a visual and intuitive approach, the calendar for a temporal view, the timeline for detailed tracking, and even the Gantt chart for more structured project management. With this variety of tools, you can choose the view that best suits the specific needs of each project.

Variety of Dashboards

Wide range of customized dashboards, where you can obtain essential information for confident decision-making. Monitor progress, deadlines, and budgets closely, all through tailor-made panels to meet the specific needs of your project. With this versatility, you will have a comprehensive and up-to-date view, enabling precise and effective management of your work.

Workflow Automations

Workflow automation allows process optimization. With a wide range of pre-defined automation templates at your disposal, you can start refining your workflows in a matter of minutes. You can also create specific customizations to meet the needs of projects or teams. This functionality provides unparalleled efficiency, enabling you to achieve goals faster and without complications.

Marketplace Integrations

Seamless integration with all your preferred collaborative tools, boosting team productivity. Easily connect to Slack for efficient communication, sync with Dropbox for quick access to your files, and integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud for more effective collaboration on creative projects. Additionally, the platform supports other essential applications, ensuring you have all the necessary functionalities at your fingertips.

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